Monday, June 8, 2009

It's been a big weekend. I'm not going into too much detail as I'm feeling rather Sh....... with a cold.
Friday - Prepared for guests coming for the weekend, Lindy from the farm and her GB. We ate out at our local Thai which I wouldn't recommend to anyone, particularly anyone who likes real Thai flavours. They seem to be patronised rather well but I don't know why.
Saturday - While my Great Dane went off to work, our guests and I went to one of the local garden nurserys , going the long way. They used to live in the area and wanted to see the changes which are many, mainly new housing developments. While we were at the nursery we had a delicious coffee and cake in the morning sunshine. Picked up some seafood and headed back home for a long seafood lunch (prawns, crabs, bugs, and smoked mackeral with crusty bread) on the patio. For dinner my Gread Dane cooked a cut of venison - compliments of Lindy and her GB from the farm.
Sunday - Each year we usually have a gathering of friends and family who live close enough to celebrate our combined birthdays and anniversery. We have four Gemini's in the family and our wedding anniversery is in a few days time. It just so happend that this year it was actually on my birthday. We and our guest spent the first part of the morning setting up extra tables chairs etc. for a BBQ. I had a sore throat but kept telling myself that I must have slept with my mouth open, trying to ignore the fact that I was coming down with a cold, but by evening I couldn't ignore it any longer and excused myself after dinner and had an early night.
Monday - a holiday here in Australia - Slept late - Great Dane had breakfast on the table when I awoke. After breakfast our guests left to return to the Farm and I went back to bed and slept some more. My throat feeling like sandpaper on fire I took some medication and went back to bed - lunch then back to bed.
Feeling a little better this evening so caught up on reading a couple of blogs I follow and doing a few emails and then my post.
If I had gone to a Doctor with my symptoms he may have quarrantined me with all this Swine flu hype. In my opinion if they had given this particular strain of flu a number instead of a name that related to an animal, bird or fish it would have passed through society like any other flu. A few would die as they do with influenza each year and most would feel no worse than with any other flu and recover. Just one more thing for society to live in fear about.


jorgen said...

Yes a most enjoyable weekend wit family and friends visiting
Great Dane

Linda said...

Hi Marcella. I hope you are feeling better today. Thankyou both for a wonderful weekend. I cann't remember when I have relaxed so well. It did GB the world of good too. Keep taking the cold and flu tablets and keep checking your snout (oops, nose) in the mirror :-)