Thursday, June 4, 2009

A few days since I did anything on my blog and just to let you know I'm still here thought I'd better give a rundown of my past few days. After doing some of the mundane things on Tuesday, I took myself off the the RGS (my local genealogy society) to check through a couple of the latest aquisitions. Found where a few of my relies were living in 1949 and checked for a couple of marriages - not terribly productive. Went home and then the Great Dane and I went off to the club for lunch. Since it's my birthday this month I had a free lunch - a gift from the club for members during the month of their birthday. Home for a Nana nap and the afternoon was gone. Wednesday: did a little trimming in the garden while the cleaners were here. Added a few daubs of paint to my latest work-in-progress. Thursday: That's my card day so after putting the house in order I was a little late for cards. Played 500 in the morning and though I wasn't the winner I wasn't the looser either. A fun group of people to play with. Then lunch at the centre and played Hand and Foot Canaster all afternoon. One game each so not a real loss there either. As soon as I get home the dog and the cat demand attention even though they have been attended to all day long from the Great Dane. As soon as I sit down in front of the computer the cat advises me to move forward on my chair so he can sit behind me. Which I do of course as it's better than having him sit in front of me which is the alternative. Read a couple of blogs and added my own activities over the past few days to my blog and that's it. I've had my gin and tonic for sundowners with the Great Dane and the other dog and now I'll get myself a glass of wine and watch a bit of telly while my Great Dane slaves away in the kitchen. I think it's pork for dinner - no risk of swine flu I'm sure.

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Linda said...

What a nice day you have had. Such a ladies life :-). Now sitting with your feet up while dinner is cooked. Half you luck. LOL! How is your cold today? Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow.