Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In addition to the PeeWee which spends most of it's time in the pool area admiring itself in it's reflection on the glass pool fence, we now appear to have a visitor to the back clothes drying area. This kookaburra spent a couple of hours in this area yesterday afternoon. I think the main attraction is that we have a small water feature under the tree and used to have a couple of gold fish in it. The kookaburra is quite happy to take a little bit of bacon rind from within about 3 feet of me. I guess if fish isn't on the menu then bacon rind will do. Looks like we will have to put some mesh over the water feature when we replace the fish. We have fish in it to keep the mosquitos from breeding in the water. There's also 2 pairs of crows nesting across in the park and they seem very busy at the moment. "Ain't nature wonderfull".
We have just spent a relaxing, enjoyable up at the farm - Bella Vista, with Lindy & GB. It's always nice to get away and even nice to get away and stay with good friends. The British Lass from Scotland (now from France) was visiting her friends at the farm also, and we enjoyed catching up on her life since we first met her about 5 years ago.
There has been a few bushfires filling the air with smoke lately. This hasn't been good for my poor lungs. We are getting pretty desperate for some rain in the South East but there doesn't seem to be anything significant on the way. I guess one of the pluses with the dry weather is that the wildlife come a little closer to find their food and water. Just hope we don't get ducks utilising the pool as the PeeWees leave enough droppings around to clean up.
We had the house spring cleaned last week, gee it's nice to look through clean windows. There was still the remains of the dust storms which passed through here several weeks ago which seemed to have found it's way into every nook and cranny. All gone now and the fly screens have lost their slightly pinkish look.
Today we are both off to the Skin Scan Clinic to have any sun spots frozen off. I'm not particularly looking forward to that as my skin is a perfect example of the effects of our harsh sun on the skin and I usually come out looking like a case of the pox with blisters in all sorts of places. No doubt, better than having them develope further though.
Catch you later.