Thursday, May 28, 2009

We have two Pee-wee's who think that our pool area has been set up specifically for them. As it happens they fly away each time I try to photograph them but I thought I'd put a photo of the corner of the garden in anyway. We sometimes have a cascade of water flowing down the rocks but it's turned of for the winter season.

We had a visit yesterday from Lindy from the farm. It was nice to have her join us for lunch. There was lots of swappies going on between her and my live in Gardener (my husband). Mushrooms and jam from her and chillies and sauce for her etc. etc.

My son is passing through from Kununurra in WA to the Gold Coast and spending the day and night with us. We haven't seen him for about 12 months and it's so nice to catch up even if it is only for a brief visit.

I've started a new painting which is coming along nicely.

I've spent most of today checking through the shore tours we may take when we are away on our cruise in July. There is such a lot to choose from but I think we have narrowed the possibilities down considerably. I've been through my wardrobe and selected what I would like to take and now I'll have to start putting some of it back in the cupboard. Three months is a long time to pack for. I hope this swine flu has passed the worst by the time we set off. We are prepared though and have our Tamiflu script. I really think it will turn out to be no worse than most winter flu viruses which also kills a lot of people thoughout the world. Nevertheless I like to be prepared.

Monday, May 25, 2009

You may have already guessed that I like sunsets and storm clouds and all the better if they are together. Water also seems to be an eliment in almost all of my paintings and photographs. Must be some meaning there........ The above photographs are taken at some of my favourite spots along the East Coast of Australia. The first one is at Hervey Bay and the second one is of Nobbies in Newcastle. The next two are at the Sunshine Coast and the last two were taken at Burrum Heads where I spent every school holiday as a child. When you know a place as long as I have known Burrum Heads, origionally called Traviston or more affectionatly as Travey, you realise how much mother nature changes the world. The foreshore would be hardly recognised if my grandparents were to come back to this earth. The place still retains it's villiage type atmosphere but the black sand dunes where I once played, that led from the front row of houses to the beach and the trees and brush are no longer there. That's now where the beach is. The chanel keeps encroaching closer and closer to the front houses with rock retaining walls now, to protect them from erosion. The creek where my father once went mud crabbing with a long steel rod with a bend on the end to pull out the crabs is now a small sandy creek with houses along it. The mangroves are gone. The sand banks which seemed to go out for ever when the tide was out just don't seem to go near as far any more. The rocks out along that sand bar produced an abundance of oysters for those who liked them. Not something that I have ever been really fond of except if they are "Oysters Kilpatrick". I saw little evidence of those rocks last time I was there.
"The only thing we can be sure of in this life is change"

Sunday, May 24, 2009

We have had a wonderful lunch at Portside today with a group of friends from our wine tasting group. The crab entree was my favourite for the day along with the last wine of the day with desert, "Two Hands Brilliant Disguise Mascato 08" from the Barossa in South Australia. It had a bit of sparkle and not too sweet. I didn't drink all of mine - gave it to The Great Dane - as I was the driver for the homeward journey. Nice flavours with the Duck main course.

Now to my painting. I believe I have finished my "Townsville Park". I have deleted the branch which led the eye out of the picture and put a little bit of fauna in the form of a few sulphur crested cockatoos onto the grass to give it life.