Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hopefully after the scars in the landscape from the bushfires in Victoria, the bush is starting to look a little like this painting which I did earlier this year and before the devistation.
Today is my card playing day and sorry to say I did not win at 500 this morning but had better luck this afternoon playing Hand and Foot Canasta and my parter and I could not do anything wrong and ultimately won. After the rain during the past couple of days I was surprised that none of the roads in our area were blocked. My great Dane is out in the kitchen cooking up something delicious including some of his produce from his garden. I did my bit - I processed the beans.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Not quite finished Townsville park painting and not quite happy. I feel it's a bit too "chocolate boxy" and lacks life. I've hit a bit of a stalemate with it. Actually though it looks better in the photograph than in reality. I'll have to do something with that branch on the left too as it leads your eye out of the painting. Might leave this one for a while and start something new.

The light is not much good for painting today as it's raining cats and dogs in the part of the country with reports of flooding and roads cut. Our pool has been running over for the last 24 hours into the drains and out onto the street. "Couch" the dog and "Puschka" the cat are not happy as they both like the outdoors and laying in the sun.

Monday, May 18, 2009

One of my favourite photographs taken on a holiday in Samoa a couple of years ago.
I've probably felt safer in Samoa than in any other country I have visited. They would have to be the most honest, friendliest people I have met in any places I have travelled to. I feel there is a book waiting to be published there of photographs of the many churches on the islands. Each villiage has its own church, each quite substantial and some rather elaberate. McDonalds opened in the main town when we were there - the wheels of change it could do without. Hope it doesn't change too much and loose it's unique character. M
"Rhythm & Blues"

While I'm spending time getting used to these bloggy things, the ironing is not getting done, only part of my garden was watered and my studio is a mess as is my desk. But never mind, it looks like it's about to rain soon. That takes care of the garden. I finished a very small (20 x 25 cm)attempt at an abstract painting. I think I'll stick to landscapes. The ironing and tidying can wait can't it? M