Friday, November 6, 2009

Whilst on our cruise the auction on board was selling works by an artist called Patricia. Isn't her work fabulous. I've tried to find her on the web but there are so many artists called Patricia so I haven't been able to establish if she has a web site. I also saw a brief video of her working on one of her pastles (I think) - she made it look so simple. I love the vibrant colours but she also achieves such a relaxed feel to he works. I couldn't afford to splurge on one of her bigger works and missed out on the smaller ones on offer. Hope you like this example as much as I do.

Monday, November 2, 2009

One of the pretty beaches in Maui where we made a port of call on our cruise.
Did a bit of gardening yesterday - cutting back more of that prickly, spikey boganvillia over the back fence. The GD and I had a quiet BBQ outside were I have re-arranged the outdoor furniture after cleaning all the red dust off everthing from the dust storm while we were away.
It's a beautifull sunny day in this part of Qld and after watering the flower gardens I decided I'd better catch up on a bit of mending. I ruined one of the GD's shirts in the process. It's getting on a bit but the stitching was pulled on one side. After carefully unpicking the seam I thought I would iron it flat so then when I sewed it I would get a neat finish. I've been ironing this shirt for about 5 years and apart from the seam that needed attention, it was still as nice as the day he bought it. You guessed it, the iron burnt a hole in it. It's one of those synthetics which needs very little ironing. I'd just complained yesterday that he changes his gardening shirts far too often and they do need ironing. Well now he has one that doesn't.
This afternoon I'll take myself off to Bridge. I'm starting to get the hang of playing Auction Bridge but the scoring still has me confused.
Although we've had a couple of small showers over the weekend, we could do with a lot more.
Still missing Puschka - half expect him to walk in the door.
Catch you later, M