Sunday, May 24, 2009

We have had a wonderful lunch at Portside today with a group of friends from our wine tasting group. The crab entree was my favourite for the day along with the last wine of the day with desert, "Two Hands Brilliant Disguise Mascato 08" from the Barossa in South Australia. It had a bit of sparkle and not too sweet. I didn't drink all of mine - gave it to The Great Dane - as I was the driver for the homeward journey. Nice flavours with the Duck main course.

Now to my painting. I believe I have finished my "Townsville Park". I have deleted the branch which led the eye out of the picture and put a little bit of fauna in the form of a few sulphur crested cockatoos onto the grass to give it life.


Jo said...

You are incredibly good. Yes, that little bit of movement adds something to it. Wonderful cockatoos.

Gosh! I wish I had your talent. Did you study art in university? You really are good!

Marcella said...

Thanks for the compliments Jo. Yes I did study Visual Art at University as a mature age student, but at the end of the first year they told me that I should follow another subject within the Arts degree so I followed through with photography. Though there was some dissagreement between the lecturers/tutors I don't think I was 'Arty' enough - if you get my meaning. I then went on to get my diploma in education in art. I taught in high schools for a couple of years as a casual/supply teacher and spent most of my couple of teaching years teaching technical drawing and wood work. Then I realised that there was a total lack of disciplin in schools since I went to school so decided it wasn't what I really should be doing anyhow. I must admit I preferred teaching the boys (very few girls did tech drawing and wood work at that stage) to teaching the girls in other subjects, including painting.

Linda said...

Hi Marcella. I absolutely love the painting now :-) My rug is tucked under my arm and I am ready to lay down on the bank and relax. I can almost hear the water.I am looking forward to seeing it full size.


Donna said...

Wow! what a beautiful painting. You are very talented. I would love to be sitting in a place like your painting and watching the birds and hearing the running water. My cousin lived in Australia for a few years and loved it there. I live in the desert of Nevada not too far from Las Vegas.