Saturday, June 13, 2009

My header painting is of Woolloongong steel works in New South Wales. The beach adjacent is popular with surfers.

The Great Dane and I drove across to Dockside today to see the "Dawn Princess" across the river in dry dock going through a referbish. It leaves for a short cruise around NZ in 5 days time. I guess that will be a test to make sure all the repairs and updates are up to scratch for the long round the world voyage. We took a look at what they are doing on board on the web at the stage it was at 2 days ago and it's hard to believe it will be ready in 5 days time. It looks like a major refit on the computer and should look like new when it takes to sea.


jorgen said...

Excellent post
Can't wait it has been so long coming!!!
Had my second last clinic consulting this week
Before the trip

Linda said...

Ooooh. How exciting. Its coming quite fast now. I am looking forward to your daily postings from the ship. Hope you are over your cold now.