Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nothing much to put on my blog today but would like to thank those who left such nice comments on my previous inputs.
We had a couple of friends for a long lunch yesterday. We haven't seen them for about 9 months and had a lot to catch up on. Today our house sitter arives to get used to the routine with the animals and to learn to manage the pool and the garden and any other little routines one establishes around their home. The sitter will be staying till we return from our cruise mid October. For those of you who follow my blog just click on to my follower, The Great Dane, (That's the fellow in the viking helmet - Secher's Blog) who also happens to be my husband. We will be posting our journey on there whenever possible. We fly to Sydney and embark on the 5th July and we are already packed and excited. We will be heading east across the Pacific with the first port of call in New Zealand. Please feel free to join us in cyberspace.


Donna said...

I think all I ever say on your blog is WOW! I love the paintings,and the beautiful scenic pictures. We are getting into the hot temperatures now, and I would love to be sitting by some of the beaches you have painted or have posted pictues of. I can almost feel the cool breeze off from the water. I hope you have a wonderful trip and I am sure you will. I will try and follow your blog through your husbands.

susie said...

Hi, love your paintings. Hope the cruise is fun, sounds like it's going to be a long one.

Marcella said...

Hi Susie. The Cruise will take 3.5 months. Thanks for the compliment on my painting.